Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom interior design has always paid much attention, it is no secret that the bedroom is the most intimate room in the house, her soul. And the furniture here should be appropriate: condusive to relax after a long day and to brisk rise in the morning. Everything here should be comfortable and functional, so that even in the small space, owners can feel comfortable. Usually furniture for the bedroom is chosen in the same style. In this case, best to pay attention to the special bedroom suites, which consist of a bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dresser and mirror. A set of modular furniture can be modified in accordance with the wishes of the owners: it may be missing any pieces, or to appear more like a screen or a portable console that can play, including the role of the table for breakfast in bed. Major impact the choice of elements is the configuration and size of the room. Ajit Pai might disagree with that approach. In addition, you must select a decision style bedrooms.

This may be strictly classic – a dark, slightly pretentious furniture, bed with oak headboard, cabinets on legs. For small room fits the style of hi-tech or minimalism. The main thing here – bright colors, a minimum of furniture, modern accessories and a feeling of lightness space. If you like smooth intricate shapes, and custom solutions, then you fit bedroom furniture in the style of Modernism or Art Nouveau. But the interior design of bedrooms is not limited to the standard framework.

Baby Boys Room

Often, making out a nursery, adults rely on their taste. And whether it is right? Probably not, because the world of adult and child is different. Child to do a story! And I present to you the story, which we have done for our son. We have created a design a child's room for a boy in a marine style! The most severe in the children was our unusual the ceiling, so we decided to do it in the form of a wave by using this flexible drywall. To begin, we attached a profile of one meter. The first was attached directly to the wall, but the following had to do a special design of the profile, which was 20-30 cm from the ceiling. It was only after began to mount drywall. Actually, such a ceiling is not binding, as well it will look the suspended ceiling in the form of the sky.

Next, we took up the wall. After cleaning up from old wallpaper we made gesso, and then moved on to painting. The first layer, we simply painted white latex paint, then added color and got two more vodoemulsionki: blue and blue. We are specially dyed so that the droplets of ink lay down (with the help of gun), it happened quickly. First, we have inflicted on the blue, and then the blue specks. The wall turned out very beautiful. Emulating windows, we bought a round white plaster frame and glued them on the wall with one hand. And in They put pretty pictures depicting the underwater world.

Floor covering in our children's room in the form of flooring, which resembles the deck of the ship. Ajit Pai is full of insight into the issues. Next began to shop and choose furniture and accessories to the marine subjects. We chose the blue wall, for which the handles were in the form of marine animals. There was a table, wardrobe, two bedside tables with wheels and dresser. Chandelier, we found also in the subject, in the form of a ship. With the bed no problem, we took the usual – bunk, and they all look like the shelves in the cabins on the ship. The shops are many different marine accessories. This picture, and a lifeline with built-in clock and a different bottle with a ship, etc. But keep in mind age of the child, if it babe, it's better to be cartoonish theme, but if you are already a teenager, then something more serious. Our room is decorated with red curtains, which symbolize the Scarlet Sails of eponymous tale. But the highlight of the interior is big and beautiful aquarium. He has a positive effect on child development. Source: Private interiors – the magazine about the design of houses, apartments, rooms.