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Posted July 26th, 2016 by lake

Stade, Stade-Hamburg, July 6, 2012 – home and apartment owners search information evening with Energiesparausstellung in the gym of the seminar reinforced to reduce the additional costs opportunities through energy savings, increasing the comfort and the value of the property. On Thursday, September 27th, the Hanseatic City will start Stade energy and modernization campaign in cooperation with the initiator ZEBAU GmbH, the consumer Center of Schleswig-Holstein and other partners. At 5: 00, Stade, Seminarstrasse 7, a free information evening in the gym of the seminar begins with consultation booths and an exhibition. Mayor Silvia Nieber: “the topics change in energy policy and climate protection are timelier than ever. Of these important fields of action, in particular owners of older homes are affected. A high energy saving potential is in existing buildings. Total 40% of CO2 emissions account for approximately on the building sector”. Upgrades bring mostly energy and financial benefits, as well as always but also improve the quality of living and one aesthetic appreciation of the House.

The opportunity, free of charge to the various remedial measures to inform and by independent experts one-on-one assistance to”calls Nieber. What possibilities there are to prepare a real estate and to use renewable energy, how to best use what support services are important, and how to find competent partners, funding, are questions that want to answer the partner of energy and modernization campaign dinner info. Plant examples and innovative modernization techniques are shown in an Energiesparausstellung. Also a Gebaudethermografie will be raffled, with construction defects and damage locate themselves. 75 Percent of the energy in German households is used for space heating.

The demand by up to 70 percent can be reduced with a comprehensive modernization of facade, roof and basement ceilings. The replacement of old heating systems can bring over 30 per cent. The use of renewable energies is a way to stand out from the rising energy prices to make independent. Solar thermal energy often already pays off after a few years. Also wood pellets can be a cost-effective solution, and for the low temperature demand of floor and wall heating, geothermal energy is an efficient alternative. Who has grossly has looked for the information evening, may ask then individual in one of the three free afternoons of consulting to its real estate. The campaign offers free individual consultations in 3 days with independent architects and energy consultants in Stade. Appointments can be made immediately on the information evening, for the registration of ZEBAU GmbH is required (by calling (040) “3803 84-0 or online at dates of energy and – modernization campaign/stade /. Energiespartag” on September 29, when Halder abdominal specialist centre, clear Strecker dam 12-14 at Stade: How can you reduce energy costs and save raw materials and how to live healthy?) On these issues, the building Centre Halder to an Energiespartag with lectures, loads Suppliers – and advice stalls.

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