Physical Education

The economic and technological growth requires more qualified professionals each time for the work market, what it contributes to attribute to the school a predominant paper, has seen that the professional qualification passes for the pertaining to school criteria of classification. In this perspective, a narrow relation between the social and professional trajectory and the pertaining to school trajectory exists. The effect of the pertaining to school classification if make to feel stop beyond the escolaridade, intervined in the set of the relations and practical social in the life of the individuals exactly it are of the school. The pertaining to school success is recognized universally and reflects in the life of the individuals. Learn more on the subject from Philip Laffey. With this, we understand that some social problems are constituted as result of the application of the pertaining to school criteria of judgment becoming a social problem when one determined level of qualifications, considered necessary to participate of social or professional life, is not reached inside of a preset time. It is the case of the illiteracy, that is a category constructed from the criteria and interpretations of the school. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child announced for United Nations detaches as one of fundamental estimated its that all child has the legitimate right to it enjoys of the full education with equality of independent knowledge of its social classroom, color, etnia or cognitivo development, adjusted feeding, worthy habitation, efficient medical assistance and full and effective access to the entertainment for intermediary of the games, sport and leisure, and through this initiative we will be carrying through a esportiva integration locking up between parts this esportiva discrimination in determined activities of adventure. These estimated are, in last analysis, goals add of the Educational System and that, in the case of the Physical Education, in accordance with the lines of direction suggested for the PCN? s has the paper of to introduce and to integrate the children in the corporal culture of the movement with the intention of the leisure, expression of the feelings, affection and emotions beyond the maintenance and improvement of the health conditions (BRAZIL, 1998).