Landscape Design

Landscape architecture is replete with a variety of styles, each of which has its own idiosyncrasies. If you're partial to the smooth lines of the relief, the predominance of natural landscapes, deep layers of the open spaces and facades with ivy, then you – a connoisseur of romantic English garden. Here are three simple steps, which should be followed to design your own garden in English style. The first step is to choose three or four primary colors to create the integrity and continuity of the garden. The brightness of colors can be achieved using variations of shades in a range of selected primary colors. Light purple and pink palette, as well as pastels silvery-white and yellow, dominate the choice of flowering plants. Read more here: Joeb Moore & Partners. Azalea, lilac, wisteria and rhododendrons – the inhabitants of this classic garden. Crocuses and daffodils – representatives of bulbous plants that are typical for English spring yard.

Particular attention is paid to creating balance and harmony of textures and architectonics of crowns, ornamental leaves, shape of flowers and the contrast of light and shadow. Thus, the second step is the inheritance of naturalness landscapes and the avoidance of symmetrical lines and regular geometric shapes and axes. In the groups preferred to use perennials, given the height of each species to create tiers. Delphiniums, digitalis, aconite, roses – are traditional tall plants for the English garden. Foreground suit Phlox subulate, primrose, pansies, calendula, forget-me. Link diversity and pomp plant is a lawn, which in some places and narrow, while in others it becomes more profound. The third important component of the English garden are 'accessories' or, in other words, small architectural forms and reservoirs. There are often present, pergolas, benches and other garden furniture is usually made of wood or cast stone.

Often used statues of frogs, as well as antique ceramic and stone pots and planters different sizes but the same color, where there are miniature trees and shrubs, lavender, onion and spice crops. Waters has a natural, close to nature, the shape of the coast. For the garden in the English style is characterized by scenic streams overgrown with banks that give expression iris, globe-flower, Marigold, Nymphea, and water lilies. At the heart of planning the classic English garden is the maximum approximation to the natural landscape, copying its merits and merging with it.