Environment Ministry

Not so long ago in the American magazine published a list of zoos in the world, which are among the worst zoos in the world. This list is made by American journalists. The list of the worst hit as Kiev zoo Zoo. This is not surprising. After all, what is happening in Kiev zoo is still a mystery. It was at this list of the worst zoos in the world got zoos, which is the largest animal mortality. In this list, Zoos also got North Korea, India, Iraq, Egypt, China, Romania, these are zoo highest death rate in the world among all zoos. Perhaps check out Hachette Book Group for more information.

In the Kiev Zoo commented on this by saying that journalists do not have to decide which zoo is better or worse. With such a list should be people who are competent in this, but people like journalists, especially from America, the Kiev zoo can not know anything about the rest too. But Unfortunately, in the Kiev zoo's death continues. The administration and staff of the Kiev zoo claim that animal poisons a man with a beard. Director of the Kiev zoo has temporarily suspended from office until clarify the circumstances. Recall that this year, died many animals in the content, which requires a lot of money.

It was a female gayala Tuay, the female buffalo Wii, camel, as well as pet visitor Asian elephant fight. An autopsy showed different results for animal deaths of animals. And some animals just sort of died of old age. It's very sad that nobody knows what to dead animals. All reached the point that the commission arrived in Kiev Ministry of Environment, and personally checks the reasons so many deaths of animals. And that commission Environment Ministry will put an end to the story with the Kiev Zoo.