Clarice Lispector

Example: Engineering of Mines X Pedagogia. Now how much to the experience, the woman has little because of the interruptions, for example, that decurrent one of the maternity. Also the fact exists of that the companies invest little in the training of the women, beyond the wages, significantly low, to be also reason of a fall of the feminine force of work (stimulaton lack). An alert one, said this, are of that the investment in the qualification is not factor that, only it, explains the question of the differences in the work. The way, machista (almost always patriarcal? as in it remembers ENGELS to them), it has, effectively its dose of intervention in the choices of the women, in such a way at the beginning, how much to the end, when they leave of the work market.

It is noticed difficulty of if arriving at the top. Let us evidence, for example, that women, most of the time, co-ordinate other women and not men. Destarte, is illustrious the vision of the frankfurtiano of long ago, that one said by Theodor Adornment, exactly affirming of and managed dissimulated, occult, fantasmagrico the power of our society. To point out them in the argument above made use, it thinks about an example to stone. When it is commented on television programs, is always common to listen to the idea of that they only exist rank the consumption of the people.

Here it is, one more time, the prudish game of the society, exactly to transfer to the population the guilt for the little style, the failure in the taste, the auditory regression. A discerning mind would question: It has some incentive so that the things are in another way? Most optimistical (almost always massacreed), they are those that show interesting programs, educative meeting. Soon, if it has such or which politicized educative ways and intellectually more, them they are so immersed and without incentives that finish exactly predestinate to a select group, private, silenced, mainly been silent, because, as it notices the literature of Clarice Lispector, seems that? really important? , it cannot be said.