European Football Championship

You’re also has insider tips for the capital of Poland In the summer come the impetus: the 14th European Football Championship from June 8 to July 11 held, where 16 teams for the title of best football nation in Europe. As first-time hosts, Poland and the Ukraine in the stuff neatly lie down. Poland’s capital Warsaw was equipped with a new national stadium in the opening game, two preliminary round games and a quarter – and semi-final place run. Janet L. Yellen does not necessarily agree. However, Warsaw has much more to offer. The following tips by Florian soot, marketing manager of, the most visited hotel booking portal in the Internet, you must keep in mind in order to be able to experience the beauty of the Phonix city. Definitely when visiting you needs history and more enough time and desire to explore the beautiful city on the Vistula River. Stroll through the historic old town and the numerous Baroque and Renaissance buildings see: dafurbrauchen Warsaw travellers well over 90 minutes. A walk to the azienki Park is also recommended. The Park is the largest park in Warsaw and a green oasis in the middle of the city where there are to discover all sorts of artificial lakes and channels, as well as several Palace with 80 hectares. The Park is not only for tourists locals meet here in the summer also to make your day and every Sunday from April to listen piano concertos at the Chopin monument. A walk through the triangular Schlossplatz vacationers of one of Europe’s largest roof gardens can visit: the Botanical Garden on the roof of the University Library, you will find the perfect views of the town. On the Nowy? wiat, the popular shopping and pedestrian street, are determined shoppers find it. “The haggling can in the little hidden GIE? da Staroci to German Alte Borse”, snag and occasionally small treasures. The kino.lab, a small alternative location Aleja Ujazdowski where art and classic films are shown, is in the early evening for all to urban swing dance and shopping have endurance. For social gatherings and refined drinks are the comfy sofas in the Powex bar on Nowy? wiat the perfect location. The mad Club Sen Pszczo? y contrast, will please tourists with little taste. All rooms are different and and the whole range of culture and art, from film screenings to music of various kinds such as jazz or electronically, is. So, Warsaw can prove that can keep your nightlife with the metropolises of this world. Dining”means good appetite” in Polish with many paintings of the 18th century, Warsaw bar Bambino allows combining breakfast with a journey through time. The traditional Polish cuisine is delicious and in the rustic Zapiecek in? wi? toja? ska the Pierogi are highly recommended. As an insider tip: Bar mleczny called the Polish milk bars that come from the times of communism, and that offer today still lovingly prepared traditional dishes at very reasonable prices. Polish Italian creations such as Bolognese in the Fabryka multitude in the Praga district on the eastern side of the Vistula River you can find Pierogi. Who wants to enjoy his sweet treats has fronds at the company E. something special. One of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in Poland, the company was founded in 1851 and produced until today his beloved chocolate products. In the Zamoyskiego directly in Warsaw’s Centre, everyone can enjoy the delicious products. The night’s sleep is also important after it has exhausted the possibilities of the day, it must have a rest for the next day and the five star MMaison Hotel Le Regina, the only hotel in the old town, is perfect for it. Want to give yourself something else, then book the luxury residence Hotel Rialto. Vacationers like real ladies and gentlemen there can feel with furniture dating back to the 1920s. About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by approximately 140,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast hostels and serviced apartments worldwide. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 2.5 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. 2011 brought an app designed specifically for iPad, as well as various smart phone apps on the market all for free download available. These allow it to access users worldwide on more than 20,000 last-minute deals. The deals from customers are available in more than 30 languages, filterable and sortable. is the hotel expert, where registered customers for 10 booked nights with a bonus night are rewarded (excluding taxes and fees). Currently Expedia operates Inc. more than 85 websites, worldwide, including 33 land sites in 24 languages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Favourite Child Of Rattanshop24: The Stool Of Nemo

Water hyacinth stool is as extremely popular Mr. Nemo is a standing seat stool from woven water hyacinth. This thick shaft-water plant inhabits Lakes and river banks in the tropics. Through their fast growth, is it in their home countries “often as a weed. Already some time ago, it was a decisive advantage: the stems of this plant are so flexible, that noble and exclusive products can be made from them.

And their crops to the environment is very resourcenschonend due to the fast-growing natural fibres in the water hyacinth. And so is Nemo from this renewable resource, which surely will delight nature lovers. The material of water hyacinth has yet another advantage: the fibers of the water hyacinth can take up very much water by nature, so they’ll positively affect the climate in the room in each room. “This are but certainly not the only reasons why the stool Nemo already times this year was ordered from Rattanshop24 and so on the bestseller list” at the top. “Nemo can in the colours of nature” or brown “be chosen and fits with its natural look in almost any room.

Although the little”has only 50 cm in diameter and a height of 35 cm, he can carry great weight. Because by his rigid foam core, persons of up to 120 kg body weight on him can take place. The stool itself, is a real lightweight weighing only 4 kg, so that it can be moved at any time. This is certainly an advantage, if you take Nemo’s second function claim. It serves not only as natural and exclusive seat stool, but can also be used as side table, as top and bottom are flat. So, he cuts a fine figure even before or in addition to any sofa. Or as a trendy carrier”of decorative items used an eye-catcher in every room. Also in our neighbouring countries, Nemo has found a fan base already. Because up to 01.09.09 he came in service to Germany, 30 times after Austria and 20 times in the Switzerland. This delivery service after Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland is part of the comprehensive service package from Rattanshop24. The company Studio in 1967 under the name rattan “founded and soon opened a small shop in Siegburg, Germany. Due to the ever increasing demand of rattan furniture, more branches were opened, until it moved its headquarters to Troisdorf. There Rattanshop24 exhibited 2000 rattan and woven furniture and home accessories today on over 1000 square metres and is currently one of the largest exhibitors in all Germany. “” “Lovers of this exclusive furniture offers not only pieces from well-known manufacturers, such as contactor braiding Studio, weaving manufacture Katz”, or Roberti rattan “, but also their own product lines. Many pieces of furniture are also available as custom made orders, so that the customer has free choice between different network types and colors, as well as height and width. These individual furniture are manufactured either in Italy or Indonesia. Another part of the extensive service offer Rattanshop24 is the repair of defective rattan furniture, as well as the pads on or new upholstery of Rattan seating furniture. Stool by Rattansho24, see the following link: index.

Sensitive Skin

Each girl whose sensitive skin, knows how much trouble it brings. To know more about this subject visit Mary Barra. Especially the choice of caring and makeup. Of course on the huge market of cosmetic products you can find the means to care for sensitive skin, but they do not always meet expectations. A good choice is a professional cosmetic line that not only will have a calming effect, but also therapeutic. Professional Tools is best to book through an online store cosmetics delivery of Moscow, received less than buying a specialty store.

Basic parameters by which to choose the means – this: they should have no strong smell, they should not contain a lot of fragrance, they should be caring and moisturisers to help prevent dehydration. Facial Scrub should be only with artificial granules, that would not damage the skin. Face masks – thick and creamy, too, odorless, and herbal extracts. Facial lotions necessarily without alcohol, that would not cause dryness of skin. Remember, sensitive skin can not be left without proper care. It is better to overpay a little bit of cream or lotion, but be sure that they will not make your skin worse.