February 5th, 2017

When More I do not support I believe not to have in this world one alone man who at some moment if has not come across obtains 1. Efgie for which we recognize ourselves, projected for on the smooth surface of any thing, in them is not little object of that one for which in […]


February 3rd, 2017

E we must add immediately that, according to our author, not even the defense of the common good by itself legitimizes the exercise of the power. The common good demands that if it dislikes the deliquency and, for in such a way, is certainly necessary that it has a person authority onslaught. Of this Ockham […]

Motionless Exercise

February 2nd, 2017

Life today is full of junk food, couch potatoes, computer sloths and television inactivity. With the high pressure environments and general unwillingness to invest time in exercise routines, workout programs or , the only hope for weight loss and fitness is short but effective workout programs. While ideally one should exercise every day for a […]